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A trip to Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre

On Thursday 6th November (and on 15th November) we - students from II LO in Tczew - went to the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre. We got to Gdańsk by train. The way to the theatre was long. When we got there the guide told us about Elizabethan's Theatre. It was a very interesting lecutre. The guide (and the English interpreter at the same time) guided us through the entire building. We saw the main hall which was very spacious and elegant. Next we saw a model of the theatre which existed hundreds years ago in the same place as the Shakespeare Theatre now. Then we saw the room where actors talk about scripts or choreography and the foyer where guests can rest. Finally we saw the stage. It was huge and very modern, it was also multifunctional. This trip was really interesing and educational.

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