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Recenzja filmu - „Collateral Beauty” - anglojęzyczne spotkania filmowe w II LO

W ramach Anglojęzycznych Spotkań Filmowych organizowanych w II LO przez pana B. Kitkowskiego i panią M. Pilas uczniowie mieli okazję zobaczyć film ‘Collateral Beauty’. Poniżej zamieszczamy recenzję filmu napisaną przez uczennicę pani M. Pilas – Wiktorię Piotrzkowską z klasy III B. Zachęcamy do udziału w spotkaniach i dzielenia się wrażeniami i przemyśleniami oraz rozwijania swoich umiejętności językowych.

On 27th November I was able to watch a film called “Collateral Beauty”. It is a drama from 2016, directed by David Frankel. In this production appeared some well-known faces, including Will Smith and Edward Norton.


The plot unfolds around Howard - the main character, the director of an advertising company. He struggles with the death of his 6-year-old daughter. In the act of desperation, he writes three letters to the immaterial values - Death, Love and Time. Seeing him in such a miserable condition, his employees and best friends - Whit, Claire and Simon - decide to help him to get back on the right track. They hire three actors to represent these three values to change Howard's way of thinking, bring him hope and let him face the difficulties of accepting the truth. In the meantime, his friends gain more, than they could imagine...


The film is not the easiest one, however it shows some of the most important life issues. It covers the subject of the loss of relatives and the capability to deal with it. A viewer can only imagine how hard those struggles of the main character are. Without experiencing a similar situation, it is hard to say anything constructive in this matter. This production however makes us aware of the possibility of such situations and accidents. It shows that life is not always as bright as we may think.


Another important point is the attitude of Howard's friends - the lack of indifference to the suffering of a loved one and the will to do anything we can for them. In my view, not many people nowadays are capable of doing so, at least in the matter of that calibre. Those employees are kind of role models and despite that - they are still people with their own problems. The thing that could encourage the viewer is the fact that by helping others we can benefit ourselves, not being aware of that in the first place. I think that the magic of this process would not limit itself only to the Christmas time.


I definitely recommend this production to any movie bug because of the great cast and unconventional denouement. I also urge regular viewers to watch this piece because of its hidden value. A universal gem for any season, not only for Christmas!


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